Tuesday, 22 October 2013

27 September 2013

                          "Children making a connection based on what they had learn before".

These words reflects on me. I believe that during my early years, I was being thought to a certain methods in Maths, that makes me keep on repeating the same methods throughout my life even till now. I will still continuously using the same concept to solve some Maths problem.  

Today, we had some hands on activities in the classroom. I love hands on! It makes me feel awake. Now I do understand that Maths activities need hands on. This is to ensure that children are able to understand the concept, or how are they able to solve some Mathematical problems and also, how are they able to think out of the box. With hands on experiences, it may lead them to understanding and will be a new knowledge for them. A constructivist child. Definitely the children will have fun in the classroom.
Today's hands on... we use.. TANGRAMS!!
We had 7 different pieces of tangrams. From the tangrams that we had on our hands, we are supposed to make as many squares as we can.
As you can see from the above picture, we had drew the squares that we had made by using some of the tangrams. We manage to make 4 squares. I just wondering, if we use more pieces, does it makes the shapes larger? Let's predict and give it a try!

It's time to get to know about Angles !!
This is one of the hands on experiences that I learnt about angles. We learnt about an angle of a triangle. We get to know that TRIANGLE is no right angle! And we had hands on experience to show that a straight line is 180 C. We tore 3 pieces from the 3 sides of a triangle. From the 3 pieces of the torn angles we placed it on a straight line. (E.g based on the above diagram)
A higher thinking level child :
"When we do something, You will remember entire of your life, Provided you have difficulties. Experience will make you remember!

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