Tuesday, 8 October 2013

26 September 2013

Today's lesson was quite heavy for me. There were some problem solving that I felt quite difficult for me to understand. Now then I realized that how Maths going to be very difficult to understand if we do not have a good foundation in Maths during the early years, Now then I understand that if a child has a difficulties in understanding in Maths, it will quite stressful for the child to accelerate in his studies.

In the class I will always heard Dr. Yeap saying. "I wonder how?, I wonder why?"

I believe these are the 2 key questions that we must ask the children when we do our Maths problem solving together in the classroom. These two key questions will be part of our facilitation towards the children's learning. They will think out of the box just to solve the Maths problem. If the children are able to answer both 2 key questions, I believe they will get the answer to the questions.

And I also quoted this from Dr. Yeap. " Mathematics is an excellent vehicle for the development and improvement of a person".

Now, then I understand and would like to advice to ALL educators that memorizing is not a good way of teaching children Maths. Dr. Yeap said that " Children who ask to memorize, will not know how to figure it out and will not believe that they can figure out". I remembered during my school days, my Maths teacher told all the children to memorize our time table. From the multiples of 2 to the multiples of 12. I didn't want to say that the passed teachers had not done a good job, but I think, now Maths concept has changed and it is time for us to "move forward", Maths is more in understanding and now, it has very high expectation.

I believe if we know how to teach children by taking all the key important factors that we should remember, we will change the life of the children. Definitely there is an impact in their life.


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