Friday, 25 October 2013

28 September 2013

The Salute Maths Game!!

Yes! Saturday morning and Dr. Yeap made us play the "Salute Maths Game"! This is my first time playing this game and it seems to be fun and interesting. Me and my friends were more than like children, we laugh and had fun playing. I will implement it in the classroom. I believe the children will love playing it and will have so much fun! The objective in this game is to see how the children are able to tell the missing number in addition/ multiplications. They have to use their mental sums to get the number right. We had multiplication, and we have to guess the number card that we had on our forehead. The captain has to tell the answer for the multiplication of the 2 numbers that she sees. From the answer, we have to derived a number. Yess! I've made it to the end of the class.
I went to Singapore Art Museum yesterday and I've realized that it was not easy for me to get an art that relevant to our Maths group work. I love abstract art, I like the way the artist did their art, but I have to think creatively on how am I supposed to formulate Maths activities. We have to be creative to make it more interesting and to ensure that children are able to understand and getting the answers in their creative way of thinking. I understand that pictorial may create creativeness in oneself.
My  take away for today's lesson is, "We need to build their intellectual capital. Not to apply, but to build intellectuality". We need to implement this in our daily lives to support the children in their learning journey.
From the lesson that Dr. Yeap showed to us on each day. I've learnt many ways on how to solve maths problem. It was an interesting lesson that I learnt new thing each day... I still remember what Dr. Yeap said... "I wonder how, I wonder why? during in every lesson", I believe these are the key questions to ask the children for them to think while they are doing Maths activities.
 Maths is Fun!!

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