Tuesday, 24 September 2013

24 September 2013

Today's class is not much of hands on, but more on thinking skills. It is good to teach children on how to think or create different methods for the children to understand, solving problems and to gain the answer. Not only to get the answers right, but to boost up the confident level of the children in the classroom. I believe with this kind of teaching strategies in the class, the children not only good in their social skills, we develop critical thinking children and not to forget a leadership role in a group. Different children has their own capability and intellectuality where we can't see the potential in them at times. It will only be seen once we seen them having group discussions and in group work.
We need to teach the children right. The RIGHT WAY of teaching that will create a RIGHT PATH for the children to continue in the journey of their life. My take away for today's lesson are the 3 strategies:
1) Explaining is not a good instruction method
2) I Do, you Do, we Do
3) Let the children be independent

Let the children gained some knowledge during their sharing ideas with their classmates. From the strategies that they made, it will develop experiences. I believe in one of Diene's theory strategies, "Play " should be their first time learning, let it be informal and accidental together with these 3 strategies, all of our children will be happy to be during Maths session!
Let's Count!
The word "counting" is just not getting the children to count and we take the answer from them. We have to let them understand and the method of getting the children to understand the value of the last number of the object that they count. One of the good strategies to make the children understand is by using concrete materials that they can hold, see and count.  Get them to understand that colour doesn't effect numbers. Colour is not an important thing. I can see that children are more fascinated on colours rather than their counting. We have to ensure that the children are in the right path, the right method. They will follow the method till they grow. We do not want it to be happened. Environment also support the children. You can check onto a video on how a young child learn how to count in different ways method of teaching that were facilitated by both parents via YouTube.

Parenting Pointer: Teach your young child to count
Children love to be able to count to ten as they sing songs or read books with numbers. However, they may not realize that each number has a value, and stands for a specific quantity of something. We will help you be your child's first math teacher, as you provide the foundation for early math skills your child will need for school success.

 Count Down By One or Two.. Get to Zero!!
The next lesson is the fun way of learning subtractions. There are 18 beans altogether and we need to count backwards by subtracting in 2's or 1's. The last person who says Zero is the winner.
20130924_202337.jpg 20130924_202240.jpg
When we started playing with it, we are able to know that there are many methods to aim for zero. First we started only with 2s and 1s. But after some trials, we started getting excited and to challenged ourselves, we continue with 1s, 2s and 3s. The number 5 and 6 is always a BAD number where it can make you or your opponent win!
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, sounds bored?? Oh Not anymore!!
They are many ways to understand all the equations. The various methods that we learnt are the ones that doesn't make any of the equations tedious or stressful while solving it. When the teachers and parents having this experience in the classroom or at home. They will be given the opportunity to have their own methods to solve the problem. Dr  Yeap showed to us an interesting youtube about Jack and The Beanstalk. It was quite fun watching. Not only that, it shows the value of subtractions and additions. We had some hands on by folding the small rectangle paper and divide it into 10 parts. From here, we can see there are many methods at first we count the numbers of beans altogether, counting in 6s, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing the beans into parts.
20130924_211211.jpg    IMG-20130924-WA0022.jpg
Will be having more FUN in Maths for the next class session!! 


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