Sunday, 22 September 2013

Chapter 1 and 2

“…All students should have the opportunity and the support necessary to learn significant mathematics with depth and understanding”.  NCTM (2000, p.50)

I believe children need to be given opportunity and the necessary support from home and school. Now in 21st Century, the system has changed and high expectation has been shown but learning in different way. Now it will be more to fun in learning. We can see the potential of the children in upcoming years. Learning in 21st Century, is no longer hurrying children to many topics, we need to ensure that the children are able to understand the topic in depth, focus and show more connection in their life. These are the 6 principles that we have to look at;

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If we follow these 6 principles, the children will be definitely being supported by the by the teachers in school and also parents at home. Different children have different needs. They have their different ways of learning. We have to respect and to be fair to them during learning process take place.  Teachers and parents should treat them fairly and do not underestimate or judge them during their learning. Learn Mathematics in a fun way; let the children learn through exploration, experimenting and understanding. Children now learning via technology, this is to enhance understanding. We have to give them the opportunity by using some technology device to make it more interesting and fun way on mathematical problem solving. The teachers should be equipped with knowledge and confident during delivery of the lesson. Not to forget the assessment and observations that will be ongoing in the process of the children’s learning. From the processes and the observations, teachers and parents will able to see the children’s progressions. From here, the teachers and parents are able to identify how to support the children. It will be good to create an inviting environment that supports the children’s learning, this allow children’s engagement; critical thinking, exploration and opportunity for the children to understand in depth of the topics that they are learning in the classroom. We are also developing active thinking children. Children will love to learn in this way.

Let’s have FUN with Maths !       
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